Our Story

Grandmother Muma

A cowshed Turns into a Restaurant



Muma's interior includes varied seating styles including wide tables for groups, cozy private bar seats, living room with firewood and the main bar where vibes go more trendy at late evenings. 

Our outdoor open air seating is the place to catch Jerusalem's famous air and pastoral green nature view

Muma's Workshop is our restaurant boutique where we collect creations we like from artists and designers / create our own items.

Vintage pieces, fernitures, books, wines, books, photos and art. 


Music and Live shows

Like our cousin, interior design and styling, we found music to be telling our story and vision. Our soundtrack is a mix of our own record collection from all over the world which we collected for years and edited especially for Muma. Follow us on Soundcloud for master-peices from the soundtrack

From Jazz to Flamenco, Muma hosts talented musicians and band for live show. 

Live show event happens 1-3 times a month.

Check out our Facebook or Instagram profiles for upcoming events.

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Kitchen & Menu

Inspired by our story, Muma's cooking and character and pastoral area Jerusalem's hills, Muma's eclectic-local cuisine is mix of Israeli and oriental tastes and dishes with classics from European cuisines.

Completing the experience is our rich wine menu from high quality boutique wineries from Judean hills and an original cocktails menu.

Reservations & Hours
Located at the "cowshed" complex at the entrance of Kiryat Anavim Kibutz
200m away from "Cramim" hotel

Sunday- Thursday 18:00- 24:00

Friday & Saturday Lunch 12:00 - 16:00

Friday & Saturday Dinner 18:00 - 24:00

When unavailable please send us an email with your wished reservation (date, hour and number of guests) and we will get back to you ASAP

Events & groups

We host groups and private / business events from 15-150 guests.

Our cozy and intimate space, includes the wooden stage zone with big tables and living room offers a classy and cozy setting for your hosting and next event

contact us on muma1896@gmail.com 

Guests tells about us at Tripadvisor:
מומה הוא הכינוי המשפחתי של לאה אבושדיד, אשתו של איתמר בן אב"י, בנו של מחיה השפה העברית – אליעזר בן י